A Lifetime Achievement Award of Note

If you have ever worked with Jackie Damrau as I have when she edits my drafts for book reviews for Technical Communication, you are lucky. Jackie is an inspiring person. I love her edits as she makes me look better as a good editor should. She also manages the lists of available books and lets us request what books we want to review. Her work with Technical Communication is just part of why she so deserves this award for lifetime achievement.

In 2021, (as explained at

https://www.stc.org/notebook/2023/05/23/announcing-stcs-2023-lifetime-achievement-award-for-excellence-in-service-awardee/) “the STC Board of Directors approved the establishment of a new achievement award that recognizes meritorious service to the Society for Technical Communication by an individual who has demonstrated significant and sustained acts of volunteer service with enduring benefits to the Society and the profession of technical communication. This award encompasses a lifetime of service to the Society that spans multiple accomplishments, levels, and long-lasting impacts.

Nominees for the award must have at least 15 years of membership and should have contributed significantly to the Society in each of the following areas: leadership, education, mentorship, and publications.

The STC 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Service was awarded to:

Dr. Jackie Damrau

The citation reads: For your long-term, significant, and consistent service; contributions to the Society in multiple areas, including communities, committees, and publications; and for supporting Society members and volunteers as a mentor and a facilitator.

This award was presented during the Honors Celebration at the 2023 STC Technical Communication Summit & Expo on 16 May 2023 in Atlanta, GA. The complete list of requirements for this honor can be found on the Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Service page.”

By Jeanette Evans