Society Awards

We are proud of the accomplishments of our many volunteers who have made our chapter a success. And we celebrate the professional success of our members who have received prestigious recognition from the Society for Technical Communication.

Community Achievement Award (CAA)

The Society’s Community Achievement Awards (CAA) program recognizes STC chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for exceptional accomplishments in meeting Society goals through a wide range of programs and activities. Award levels are: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. We have an impressive award-winning record–made possible by the dedication of our members.

Platinum Award

  • 2019: For the innovative way in which you promoted the community through a series of lunchtime mini-webinars that resulted in selling all the available GotoMeeting slots and acknowledging community volunteers with a Hero badge.


Silver Award

  • 2023: For creating a stronger technical communication community through collaboration and a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • 2022: For finding creative ways to engage with members virtually, expanding your members’ understanding of inclusive terminology, and clearly explaining volunteer opportunities within the chapter.
  • 2018: For your dedication to the Society and our profession, shown through the offering of many face-to-face social and educational programs as well as excellent leadership and succession planning and processes.
  • 2017: For your great support of the STC organization in all your social media postings; by encouraging members to volunteer/serve at the Society level; and for the wonderful emphasis on social and networking opportunities in your many programmed, educational, and social get-togethers.
  • 2016: For your work in building community outside of the work environment through your extensive array of informal events, as well as your impressive student outreach through members sharing their technical communication expertise at area universities.

Prior to 2016, award levels were: Community of Distinction, Community of Excellence, and Community of Merit. NEO STC earned these awards:

Community of Distinction Award

  • 2015: For providing value to members beyond your chapter’s geographic boundaries and helping to secure the future of technical communication through excellent programming, award-winning communications, and outstanding sponsorship efforts.
  • 2014: For your dedication to your members and to the promotion of the technical communication field with an impressive number of initiatives and strong ties to the community and students in your area.
  • 2013: For outreach to the community, non-members, and members through service, promotional activities, and member recognition.
  • 2009: For developing innovative member services, achieving impressive membership renewals, and consistently seeking challenges that enhance technical communication in your community.

Community of Excellence Award

  • 2012: For your successful efforts to involve the chapter and its members in the professional life of the larger community via your participation in the Cleveland Technical Societies Council (CTSC), for your encouragement of volunteerism within the chapter, and for your support of educational opportunities for students and practicing professionals.
  • 2011: Citation not available.
  • 2010: Citation not available.
  • 2008: For conducting an outstanding regional conference, starting new public relations activities, and starting a new scholarship program for technical communication students at Ohio universities.
  • 2007: For the accomplishment of in-depth initiatives, which beautifully align with the successful operation of a community.
  • 2006: For recognizing, retaining, and recruiting members.
  • 2004: For exceptional accomplishments in meeting STC goals.
  • 2003: Citation not available.
  • 2002: Citation not available.
  • 2001: Citation not available.

Most Improved Community Award

  • 2023: For building on your community’s strength over the last two years by making great gains in outreach and leadership, while maintaining your strengths in programming and membership support.

Community of Merit Award

  • 2005: Citation not available.

Community Pacesetter Award

Awarded by STC to an STC community that demonstrates work towards the Society’s goals by offering a novel program.

  • 2018: For your dedication in preserving the history of your chapter by archiving several years of old newsletters in a searchable format.
  • 2013: For creating the NEO STC book club that provides members opportunities to select books appropriate to the technical communication profession, get exposure to new viewpoints, and share personal knowledge while engaging in stimulating discussions.
  • 2009: For innovating in all areas to grow and increase value, the Community Involvement Campaign, New Sponsorship Committee, work with Cleveland Technical Societies Council, membership campaign and reaching students, new Social Networking Committee, and Leadership Workshop.
  • 2004: A one-time celebration of excellence for continued outreach to the community and other STC chapters.

Fellow in the Society for Technical Communication

STC Fellows contribute to the profession and the Society at the highest level, and are among the top technical communicators in the Society.

  • Tricia Spayer, 2023
  • Sylvia Miller, 2015
  • Bob Young, 2015

Associate Fellow in the Society for Technical Communication

Associate Fellows are senior members who has been formally recognized by STC for having attained distinction in the field of technical communication.

  • Lisa Adair, 2023
  • Lynn Nickels, 2019
  • Kim Lindsey, 2016
  • Amy Vogt, 2015
  • Tricia Spayer, 2014
  • Kelly Graham, 2013
  • Bob Young, 2011
  • Angie Dianetti, 2010
  • Jill McCauslin, 2009
  • Bob Dianetti, 2009
  • Jeanette Evans, 2008
  • Barbara Philbrick, 2007
  • Bege K. Bowers, 2002

Distinguished Chapter Service Award (DCSA)

Awarded by STC and recognizes the hard work and commitment of STC’s community leaders. The DCSA is the highest level of recognition that a member can receive for service to their community.

  • Kelly Webb Bronstrup, 2023
  • Jason Vensel, 2020
  • Brian Smith, 2019
  • Paul Holland, 2018
  • Lisa Mileusnich, 2017
  • Lynn Nickels, 2017
  • Carrie Cianciola, 2016
  • Janean Voss, 2015
  • Sharon Jendrisak, 2014
  • Kim Lindsey, 2014
  • Denise Kadilak, 2013
  • Ginny Haas, 2013
  • Sarah Burke, 2012
  • Amy Vogt, 2011
  • Tricia Spayer, 2010
  • Stephanie Webster, 2009
  • Angela Dianetti, 2008
  • Robert Young, 2008
  • Lori Klepfer, 2007
  • Jeanette Evans, 2007
  • Beth Williams, 2006
  • Kris Henige, 2004
  • Jill McCauslin, 2003
  • Bob Dianetti, 2002
  • Bege Bowers, 2001
  • Barbara Philbrick, 2020
  • Kelly Graham, 1999
  • Curtis Stokes, 1998
  • Lori Moreland, 1997
  • Donna Burrer, 1996

APEX Award

Awards for Publication EXcellence, a reputable organization independent of STC, which recognizes publishers for quality work.

NEO STC online newsletter, “Lines & Letters” earned the APEX award in the following years:

  • 2017:  Sara Buchanan, Jeanette Evans, Lynn Nickels, Co-editors
  • 2016: Jeanette Evans, Lynn Nickels, Co-editors
  • 2014: Jeanette Evans, Lisa Mileusnich, and Lynn Nickels, Co-editors

APEX is an annual competition for publishers, editors, writers and designers who create print, Web, electronic and social media. Business, nonprofit, agency and freelance communicators can enter APEX to win awards for their best writing, publications, campaigns, programs, design and media. Communications Concepts, Inc. sponsors the APEX Awards and advises professionals who write, edit, and manage business communications on best strategies and practices.

Distinguished Technical Communication Award

Awarded by STC from thousands of entries in the International Technical Publications Competition:  Chris Griffith and Wendy Majikas of Rockwell Automation, for “RSTrainer 2000 for RSLogix 5000 software,” 2004

Distinguished SIG Service Award

Awarded by STC to an STC Special Interest Group (SIG) member:  Audrey Cielinski-Kessler, Policies and Procedures SIG, 2004

Community Programs Award

This recognition is awarded by STC to exemplary committees of STC communities.

  • 2008: Public Relations, Award of Distinguished Technical Communication
  • 2007: Newsletter, Award of Merit
  • 2006: Public Relations, Award of Excellence – Mario Morelos
  • 2003: Newsletter, Award of Merit
  • 2002: Newsletter, Award of Merit

Jay R. Gould Award for Excellence in Teaching Technical Communication

Awarded by STC to a distinguished college-level educator in the field:  Bege K. Bowers, Coordinator, Professional Writing and Editing, Youngstown State University, 1999