Yes, You Can Make High Quality Informational Videos Quickly (April, 2022 Monthly Meeting)

Matt Reiner from K15t Software GmBH gave a virtual presentation on Thursday, April 28 to discuss the rapid creation and delivery of high-quality technical video content.

Matt began by noting the advantages of technical videos, emphasizing the support time that can be saved by referring customers to a video that can quickly convey a number of topics. Also mentioned were the advantages of a robust, free search engine and content delivery website through YouTube.

Key elements of the production were noted, such as establishing an effective script, being mindful of pacing and length, and capturing reusable content for future productions.

Technical aspects of video production were also covered, including the importance of quality video and audio capture hardware, proper lighting, editing software, as well as some secondary elements such as filming locations and captioning.

Matt is available on LinkedIn and can be reached at

By Kevin Halaburda