Are Training and Documentation the Solution? (Podcast)

Enjoy this podcast with Angie Dianetti as host Ryan Weiss “talks with the President and Visionary of Radcom, Angie Dianetti. Radcom sprouted from the tech writing and instructional design industry, with a mission to help companies extract the best from their employees through training and documentation. However, Angie was quick to point out that training and documentation are not always the panacea for performance issues. Often, the root cause of the problem needs to be identified and addressed.

When asked about the pain points they solve for clients, Angie explained that clients often want to ‘fix’ their people, assuming that training is the answer. However, Angie challenges this assumption by asking a simple question: do the employees sometimes do things right? If they do, then the problem is not a knowledge issue. It’s crucial, Angie believes, to understand why employees aren’t consistently performing well. The problem could be related to tools, experience, incentives, or the environment.

In the face of advancing technology like AI and machine learning, Angie emphasized the need to humanize work. She believes that while tools may change, the fundamental nature of humanity remains the same. Technology may impact certain fields, but it also creates new opportunities and jobs.”