Be Involved in the Chapter!

Our chapter’s year runs July 1 – June 30. We’ll be having our chapter elections for officers before the end of this year, and we are looking for candidates! Check out more information here:

We will also need people who can help us with chapter communications, events, and other activities. Check out our list of opportunities here:

I’ve been a volunteer in various roles since 2000. I can attest to the power of volunteering. Without having done this, I would have missed out on these benefits:

  • Connections. If I want to know something or figure out how to do something, I know people all over the world.
  • Friendship. STC people are some of the kindest, most thoughtful, and generous individuals you will ever meet. I have made friends that I hope to know for the rest of my life.
  • Knowledge. Simply by volunteering, I am more plugged in. I know what’s going on, I know about many more resources (such as Body of Knowledge, Summit, and Certification) that I would not otherwise have paid any attention to. These resources help me every day in my work, such as empowering me to develop – and win – business cases to obtain large resources.
  • Personal Development. I work in a department of one. Therefore I don’t have many leadership opportunities as work. But volunteering for STC, I have experienced leadership roles from simple, one-time tasks, to international leadership. And guess what? Even when I didn’t believe in myself, other STC leaders did believe in me. Trust me, this builds confidence!
  • Fun. There have been thousands of laughs, genuine good times, and memorable moments during my volunteer career. I always feel that I have contributed in a meaningful way, and have come away a better person with each experience.

Try it, you’ll like it!

By Tricia Spayer