Create a Form in Microsoft Power Apps (Meeting Review)

We had a great opportunity to promote STCs Policies & Procedures Special Interest Group (P&P SIG) on August 30th. For those of you who were able to attend, Aleshia Jefferson demonstrated how to create a simple business request form in Microsoft Power Apps. Aleshia is a veteran technical writer with 25+ years of experience and currently works for Blue Cross Blue Shield in Illinois.

While it was a pretty technical program, Aleshia presented the material in a way that made it relevant and provided essential details along the way. The example premise was that you’ve been asked to build an intake form where your customer can submit a request so your team can assist them with a project.

She emphasized the importance of starting with a pre-template. Keeping track of the types of data that you want to capture, and the reasons why, helps you plan your form and is invaluable when you want to go back and troubleshoot or make changes.

She started with an Excel file and then made some modifications so that it would work well when imported into a SharePoint list. For example, remove all spaces from column names and use a hyphen or underscore between words.

Aleshia then walked us through importing the form into a SharePoint list and making modifications to the form in the Microsoft Canvas app. For me, this part is when things got really interesting! She covered just about everything that I could think of – from clearing/resetting the form to navigating the pages within the form to connecting to a gallery.

If this type of work intrigues you, please check out these excellent resources that Aleshia provided:

By Lisa Adair