“Good UX Leads to Economic Success and Improved Human Conditions”

At our September virtual lunch, we learned from lunch attendee Keith Instone about a UX roundtable. Keith explains at https://dexterityux.com/ux-roundtable-2023/ –

“We officially kicked-off the OhioX User Experience Roundtable in August. We have a group of UX practitioners hanging out each month and working in teams to advance the profession and serve OhioX.

As an OhioX Roundtable, we are “pros connecting with pros”: where UX professionals convene across the state. More than that, we want to help Ohio-based companies define, design, and deliver innovative user experiences, growing Ohio’s economy. Good UX leads to economic success and improved human conditions.

Here are our plans for 2023!

Attend and support OhioX events. Major events include the Ohio Tech Summit in May and Ohio Tech Day in September. There will be Summits for different industries and networking events. We want UX professionals contributing to the conversations about tech and innovation in Ohio. “

That is just part of the impressive work planned for 2023. Enjoy seeing the calendar Keith is building at https://dexterityux.com/ohioux-calendar/.

Keith also points out two accomplishments of note:

He also states: “One of the goals of the UX Roundtable is to not just connect “UX practitioners” across the state, but to also reach out to the “sister” professions, like technical communication. This starts with having the leaders of various professional groups meet each other (at monthly UX Hang Outs, for example) and talking about opportunities to collaborate.”

Keith notes the calendar “will hopefully be the best way to get cross-fertilization, having people attend each other’s events, to start with.”

By Jeanette Evans