Hosting from a Moving Car (Meeting Review)

Our March 2022 social included STC Associate Fellow Angie Dianetti hosting in a moving car with husband (STC Associate Fellow Bob Dianetti) driving as we discussed today’s changing workplace.

Angie Dianetti
Bob Dianetti
Bob Dianetti

About a dozen people attended as we discussed a variety of topics. Attendees shared their experiences with people returning to the office part-time, full-time, or not at all. Other topics included:
– Groups showing high productivity doing remote work
– No problems were reported with remote work
– Managing expectations with remote work
– Hiring from remote locations
– How exhaustion can set in when returning to a long commute
– Some people prefer working in an office with, for example, more monitors
– Some people prefer working remotely (with no commute)
– Fear of missing out when working from home
– How working from a beach might mean sand in a computer

The stories people shared made for an enlightening and enjoyable lunch break.

Reviewed by Jeanette Evans