Important News on Voting and Changes to Governance

Society voting is open through April 26th.

Society level voting is a little different this year. All dues paying members that renewed by 1/31/2024 should have received a ballot on 4/15/24. The ballot comes in the form of an email from Jotform, with the subject “A form has been assigned to you”.

If you click the link, you will go directly to the ballot. You will need to enter your name, email address and member number. Select the desired Director Candidates and Nominating Committee candidates, sign your name and prove you are human and submit.

You will notice that there are six director candidates for six slots and two nominating committee candidates for two slots. So, you may wonder, why bother voting. This is the easiest way to dip your toe into society governance, by taking the time to review the candidate profiles you get to know who our directors will be. This is the future of our society.

So please take the time to review the candidates and vote. If you did not receive your ballot, or have deleted it because you didn’t know what it was, reach out to our Executive Director Tim Shaw at


Changes to Society governance

In past STC elections, we have voted for Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Due to changes to the by-laws that allow for more member involvement, this year we are voting only for Directors. Directors serve for two years and can be selected for an officer position in their second year. The officers will be selected from eligible Directors.

Currently the board consists of nine members. This will be expanded to fifteen over the next few years. This allows for better community representation on the board. Eligibility for a director position has been reduced from five years to three. Community involvement is considered, but not required for a director position.

The nominating committee has vetted all of the candidates and feel that will all be strong additions to society governance. By electing all six of the nominated candidates this year, we get closer to the goal of fifteen directors.

By Angie Dianetti