NEO STC Receives Platinum Achievement Award

Everyone is familiar with the idiom, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” That’s how the Community Achievement Award was for NEO STC for a number of years. Our chapter earned the rank of Silver four years in a row! Now don’t misunderstand, that’s a great achievement, but each year we strived to be better. How could we reach that elusive Gold level? Or the crown jewel of community achievement, Platinum?

I’m here to tell you that we’ve done it! The Northeast Ohio Community has earned the Platinum Community Award for our chapter’s activities in 2019!  Our citation reads, “For the innovative way in which you promoted the community through a series of lunchtime mini-webinars that resulted in selling all the available Gotomeeting slots and acknowledging community volunteers with a Hero badge.”

The international CAA committee evaluates community achievements for the calendar year, not for the STC year, which is July through June. This means that half of that year we were led by one president and the other half, led by a new president. The Platinum award is a wonderful salute to all our members, committees, and leadership. Now we’ll have to recommit to our spirit of involvement to keep our proud heritage intact!

by Kelly Graham, Honors Committee Manager