Ohio STC Elections and Awards

Last month, the Ohio STC chapter held its election and awards virtual meeting to begin our transition into the next year, which begins in July. Ohio STC elected these people to the following positions:

  • President: Angie Dianetti
  • Vice President: Sue Kern
  • Treasurer: Tricia Spayer
  • Secretary: Lisa Sovern

Paulette Tiggs automatically fills the immediate past president role. Paul Holland will continue to serve as Ohio STC’s webmaster. Jason Vensel will handle communications, and Jeanette Evans will continue to manage our award-winning Lines & Letters newsletter.

As her last official function as Ohio STC president, Paulette Tiggs bestowed our committed volunteers these individual awards, listed in alphabetical order by last name:

  • Lisa Adair: Volunteer or the Year Award for IPP and Membership
    For serving as our immediate past president and managing our membership accounts. Your transfer of knowledge and support helped to create a successful 2024 year for Ohio STC.
  • Angie Dianetti: Committee of the Year Award for Networking
    Your themed network lunches with knowledgeable guests helped improve our attendance numbers and was one of the reasons Ohio STC was successful in the 2024 year. 
  • Jeanette Evans: Committee of the Year Award for Newsletter
    For your consistent dedication and creative awareness in writing articles and managing the releases of the award-winning Lines & Letters Newsletter.
  • Paul Holland: Committee of the Year Award for Webmaster
    For your dedication and efficiency in managing our web postings and accounts. Your timely and efficient management kept Ohio STC visible and contributed to the chapter’s success in 2024.
  • Sue Kern: Rookie Volunteer of the Year Award for VP and Newsletter
    For volunteering to be vice president and your contributions to the newsletter. Your involvement allowed Ohio STC to remain an active chapter.
  • Lisa Sovern: Committee of the Year Award for Secretary
    For fulfilling your secretarial duties and supporting the Ohio STC chapter allowed our chapter to remain in compliance in the 2024 Year.
  • Tricia Spayer: President’s Achievement Award for Treasurer and Activities
    For fulfilling your treasurer duties, hosting events, supporting members and events, and sharing knowledge. Your dedicated commitment contributed significantly to the success of Ohio STC in 2024.
  • Jason Vensel: Committee of the Year Award for Communications
    For managing our Constant Contact account and allowing the chapter to send out emails

All our members, whether you served in a specific role or not, contributed to Ohio STC’s success. We appreciate everyone’s support, contributions, and attendance to our events. We look forward to seeing and talking to you in this new year.

Thank you for all your support!

By Paulette Tiggs