Pecking Orders (President’s Column)

Who wins at bird feeders and other feeding sources seems straight-forward: Big birds win. But that is not always true. Downy Woodpeckers can eject some larger birds (I wouldn’t mess with someone who can pound wood with their head and survive, either). On my feeders, I’ve noticed that Northern Flickers scare off everyone when they show up.

Hummingbirds are notoriously feisty, as are some of the warblers. Ornithologists think it’s because they need to eat a lot, consuming at least  half their weight in insects and nectar daily, so they can’t wait around to get to food. (Which puts a different spin on the phrase “eating like a bird.”)

I think that it will surprise no one that Canada Geese are the most dominant birds.

Within STC, it is time to establish the pecking order of our national leaders. For the slate of candidates, see The 2022 STC election is scheduled to open in early March. Don’t forget to vote!

Barb Philbrick