President’s Column (July, 2023)

Transition in the air

It is a daunting task to write my first President’s column for Ohio STC. I follow in the footsteps of previous presidents who have led well and showed passion for keeping our chapter active and vibrant. I wish to walk the same path as I continue the legacy of the president’s role.

I want to thank everyone for the support they have provided so far. Your knowledge and gracious kindness in bringing me up to speed has been extremely helpful. You showed me tools and apps, provided helpful tips, and supported Ohio STC with your unique knowledge and skills after years long contributions. It is all greatly appreciated.

So where do we go from here?

I sense that transition is in the air. Indeed, the transition has been happening for several years now. I’m not thinking only of Ohio STC. I’m thinking of the world.

The pandemic caused a tremendous transition. People started working, learning, shopping, and eating more at home than they might have ever done in the past. Still another transition is occurring as we bounce back from the pandemic. Many of us are returning to work, stores, and restaurants. Schools opened their doors to students months ago. And, some days, it seems like traffic is as heavy as pre-pandemic days.

Even after the pandemic, we see other forms of transitions. Some employees are still working from home more often than they did before the pandemic. Some restaurants and large retailers have closed all or many of their brick-and-mortar stores. Some people still may not eat out as much as they did before the pandemic. Some households may continue to have food delivered instead of going to supermarkets. And now my household pays more attention to air quality reports than we ever did in the past.

Transition has also occurred in Ohio STC. Since changing to Ohio STC from NEOSTC, we present virtual programs. We must do that now to serve all our members in their local areas. We schedule social events all over the state. Once again, we must do that to serve all our members. I also sense that we will see a change in guards as members who have provided years of service decide to step back or enter retirement.

I don’t believe our transition time is over. I’m not sure where we are headed. Only time will tell what the wind will blow our way.

Paulette Tiggs