President’s Column (Sept., 2023)

Fall is coming upon us, and, for me, that usually means a slowing down of life. As a child, I used to hate fall. It meant the end of summer, going back to school, and cold weather. I loved summer so much that all these things seemed bad to me. 

As an adult, I think differently. I appreciate the fall season as a time to take a breather. The long days of summer are ending. These long days make me want to fit more into my day. I end up going to bed later than I should and being tired for most of the summer. If I add travel, I’m even more tired. The excitement of making the most of the vacation allows me to enjoy myself immensely. But the traveling, and sometimes time zone adjustments, simply exhaust me.

So, for me, fall is a welcome slowing down of life. 

But that doesn’t mean that everything slows down. Work and careers have their own pace regardless of the season. For example, in this newsletter, you can read about people who are plowing ahead and making a difference in their careers and others by serving and providing opportunities for the rest of us. Read about:

  • Angie Dianetti guiding Radcom to earn distinguished awards and tackling modern day challenges for one of Northeast Ohio’s fastest-growing companies. Listen to the podcast in the Angie Dianetti – Lay of the Land article to hear directly from Angie.
  • The Networking Lunches & Social Events schedule beginning this month through August 2024 that Angie created for our readers to peruse and use for preplanning.  
  • Jackie Damrau excelling to the point of earning a Lifetime Achievement Award. She is featured in the article A Lifetime Achievement Award of Note.
  • Technical Communication workers preparing to take the test to earn the Tech Comm Foundation Certificate. Tricia Spayer shares her experience with preparing for the course and provides practical advice in the article Taking the Prep Couse for the Tech Comm Foundation Certificate
  • Everyone in the workplace meeting the challenges of working with a mixture of five generations that have conflicting values and work habits. The article The Multigenerational Workplace outlines these differences and provides possible ways to move forward successfully.

So, although I see fall as my way to slow the pace a little, I must not slow down too much, or I’ll be left behind by the people who continue to do amazing things and reach impressive heights. I hope you enjoy reading all about these people in this month’s Ohio STC newsletter.