Program Meetings

Did you attend a program presentation and you want more information? Were you not able to attend a meeting, and you are curious about the topic? Interested in a recording of one of our mini-webinars? Check out the links below.

You can view additional videos on our Chapter YouTube channel.

Past Programs

Agile for Content Creators
Presented by Kevin Doherty, Vyond (03/2021). | LinkedIn: Kevin Doherty

Resources from the presenter:

Writing is Designing: Words and the User Experience
Presented by Andy Welfle and Michael Metts (10/2020). | LinkedIn: Andy Welfe, Michael Metts

Code Is Poetry, But GIFs Are Divine: Developing Effective Data Analytics Programs
Presented by George Mount, Stringfest Analytics (02/2020). | Stringfest Analytics

What Harry Potter Professors Teach Us About Instructional Design
Presented by Jamye Sagan and co-hosted with the STC Southeast Michigan Chapter (01/2020). | LinkedIn: Jamye Sagan

Sleepless at the Summit Mini-webinar: Tips, Tricks, and Insights for Maximizing your Summit Experience
Presented by Jason Vensel (01/2020). | View webinar recording.

Conditioning Your Mind to Fuel Creativity: Choose Your Own Presentation
Presented by Jennifer Yaros, Brainspark Creativity (11/2019). | Contact Jennifer Yaros

Leveraging Existing Technical Publication Content in an AR World
Presented by EAC Product Development Solutions (09/2019). | EAC Product Development Solutions

Understand the Importance of the STC Salary Database (mini-webinar)
Presented by James Bosquet, STC Treasurer (05/2019). | Presentation (.pdf)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Preparing For an AI World
Presented by Peter “Scotch” Scocimara, Google Cloud Support (04/2019). | LinkedIn: Peter “Scotch” Scocimara

Redefining the Role of an Information Architect
Presented by Robin Boldt, Rockwell Automation (03/2019). | Presentation (.pdf)

Tapping into the Creative Mind: The Science Behind Generating Ideas
Presented by Jennifer Yaros, BrainSpark (02/2019). | Recorded Webinar |  Contact Jennifer Yaros

Mining for Metadata with Survey Monkey
Presented by Patrick Files, Rockwell Automation (02/2019). | Presentation (.pdf)

What’s the Difference Between Technical Writing and Other Types of Writing?
Presented by Paul Joseph, CEO of International Writing Institute (01/2019). | Recorded Webinar

LEGO® Serious Play® – Bricks for Business!
Hands-on session facilitated by Heidi Spangler, Bicycling Backwards (01/2019). | Watch this video to learn more | Contact Heidi Spangler

Scale the Summit – Making the Most of Denver 2019
Hear some great tips from Jason Vensel, NEO STC Immediate Past President (12/2018). |  Recorded Webinar

3 Most Valuable STC Membership Benefits
Presented by Bob Young, NEO STC President (10/2018). | Recorded Webinar

Writing for Learnability: Essentials, Tips, & Hacks
Presented by Kim Lindsey, Cinécraft Productions Inc. (11/2018). | Recorded Webinar

Technical Communication 2020 – Forget Hindsight, Look Ahead!
Presented by Bernard Aschwanden, Founder, Publishing Smarter (09/2018). | Publishing Smarter | LinkedIn: Bernard Aschwanden