Times of Transition (President’s Column)

This is the time of year when birds are coursing along the Mississippi flyway. Some of the birds will stop here to settle in and breed, while others cross Lake Erie and continue on to the boreal forests in northern Canada. Northwest Ohio in May is the best place to witness spring songbird migration in North America. The southern edge of Lake Erie acts as a barrier that the birds are reluctant to cross. They are funneled to the northwest end of the lake where the crossing is narrower. There is also  good habitat where they can stop to rest and refuel before crossing the lake. For birders, the timing of their arrival is early enough in the spring that the trees have not leafed out. The birds are low and accessible, drawing large crowds of birders to view them.

This is also the time of year when Ohio STC starts transitioning its leadership. I will be passing the reins to Lisa Adair, our incoming President. I will be staying on as Immediate Past President and will help Lisa in whatever ways I can.

I am grateful for the help of the Ohio STC board and volunteers for the help they have provided to me and the chapter in the past year. Kelly Webb Bonstrup, Tricia Spayer, Lisa Scovern, Lisa Mileusnich, Jeanette Evans, Paul Holland, Jason Vensel, and Angie Dianetti have been instrumental to the chapter’s continued success and service to our community. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all of them!

By Barb Philbrick