Virtually Meeting

October 18, 2023

Ohio STC members from all over gathered for a virtual meet and greet. Members joined from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Dayton, Ohio, Akron, Ohio, and various cities and neighborhoods around the Cleveland, Ohio, region.

Our theme this month was sharing how we got our start in the field of technical communications and what we have done in our careers. Each story was unique, showing how versatile we are and how truly varied a tech comm career can be.

As some of the attendees were job seeking, Lisa Adair shared these tips she heard in a recent webinar (

  • Use the language from the job description in your resume.
  • Include a separate Microsoft Word document that details (in a table or bulleted column) how your experience and skills match the employer’s requirements.
  • Know the tools! DITA knowledge and skills are in demand in our field as are the instructional design tools of Storyline and Articulate.
  • Post a portfolio of your work online.
  • A good way to get writing samples for your portfolio (i.e., a body of work), especially for new technical communicators, is to do some freelancing through the marketplaces, such as UpworkTM at and fiverr. at

We then discussed the storytelling webinar that was happening at the end of the week and shared how to register for it.

Our next meeting is a virtual one and is scheduled for 6:00 pm Eastern on November 16, 2023. We plan to play Mad Gab online.

Please join us for some fun and fellowship.

By Sue Kern