Volunteer Recognition Awards

At the Ohio STC Annual Elections and Recognition, we recognized the following members for their contributions to Ohio STC:

Volunteer Recognition Achievement Award

  • Angie Dianetti

For providing networking opportunities in the Ohio Chapter. Angie coordinates our mostly monthly networking lunches and social events.

Volunteer Recognition Achievement Award

  • Kelly Webb Bonstrup

For supporting the chapter. Kelly helped back Barb up and kept the housekeeping items, such as submissions to STC and making transfer of leadership official, on track.

Volunteer of the Year Award

  • Paul Holland

For his continuing efforts to improve our chapter and providing help wherever needed. He is a regular contributor to the newsletter and maintains the ohiostc.org website. He is also the man behind the curtain who gets our virtual meeting rooms set up, even if it means doing it from a bowling alley during his bowling league.

President’s Achievement Award

  • Jeanette Evans

For your steadfast presence and work in producing the Lines and Letters. Jeanette has been a newsletter editor for Lines & Letters since 2008. That’s fourteen years of soliciting content and wrangling articles for our chapter.

Other members who helped throughout the year:

  • Tricia Spayer – A reliable source for advice and  help and behind-the-scenes Eventbrite coordinator.
  • Lisa Scovern – Continuing to serve as Secretary, maintaining minutes and making submissions to STC.
  • Lisa Mileusnich – With Kelly Webb Bonstrup, our Academic Relation liaison. Lisa had to drop out this year, but her years of service are appreciated.
  • Jason Vensel – Our Communications chair, getting out the Constant Contact notices and other social media.

Thank you to these folks and everyone else who helped the Ohio STC chapter over this past year! We truly could not keep the chapter running without you.