Welcome to the New Year

Happy New Year!

I hope all of you got some time away from work to enjoy the holiday season and spend time with family and loved ones, as I did. I also hope that you are looking forward to the new year, as I am.

Some of you may have made new year’s resolutions. If you did, I wish you success in meeting them. I did not make any new year’s resolutions myself. My thought is that I will continue in the same vein that I try to exist in on a regular basis. I’m open to learn and tolerant of differences. I control what I can to maintain good health and I try to have a positive effect on people and my surroundings.

I’m also working to maintain the successful year that Ohio STC has had so far. Ohio STC is in a good place. Our membership is up. We are partnering and collaborating with other STC chapters and professional organizations to provide interesting and timely programs. We are hosting some programs and social events, mostly in the form of network lunches. We are reaching out to students to help them on their path to becoming technical writing professionals, and we are posting our events regularly on social media.

But Ohio STC still does not have a president lined up for the 2024-2025 year. The president role is one of the required roles that each chapter must have to be an active chapter. In the previous President’s column, I mentioned the benefits of being actively involved in an STC chapter. Expanding your professional network and skills are two of the top benefits.

It would be great to continue the momentum that Ohio STC has achieved from years of contributions from talented, experienced, and growing technical writing professionals. But we need your help to do that. As someone who is always open to learn, being STC president helped me to achieve that yearly goal. It is an opportunity that is enriching in numerous ways, and I hope that you will consider volunteering.

And to that end, I wish all our readers a flourishing and healthy year!

Paulette Tiggs