2022 Summit Recap

It’s been a couple of years, but the STC Summit was back to an in-person event this year. Admittedly, attendance seemed a bit lower than the previous Summits that I’ve attended. But that’s understandable – many people are still reluctant to attend large events.

The smaller numbers didn’t diminish the feeling of excitement that you usually get while attending these events. After leaving the second session, I overheard a fellow attendee saying how excited and energized she was after attending only a couple of sessions. What great news to hear!

Another bright spot was the number of students members in attendance. Seeing the young faces and their enthusiasm gives me hope for the future of technical communications. I had the opportunity to talk with some of the students and plan to ask them for some ideas for future programs.

The leadership events and honors ceremony were handled differently this year. Instead of an all-day program on the day before the sessions, they held two brief sessions at the end of each day. There was a round-table event and then a social gathering that were a great opportunity to make new friends and gather ideas for ways we can keep the energy going in our chapter.

At the honors ceremony, chapter awards were named but individual chapters weren’t recognized. The board is saving that for the Leadership program that will be on June 8th. I encourage you to attend!

After the event, Lisa Scovern, Jason Vensel, and I took the opportunity to get our photo taken under the STC sign. We were proud to represent the chapter!

By Lisa Adair

Lisa Adair (left), Jason Vensel (center), and Lisa Scovern (right) attended the 2022 STC Summit (in Chicago)