Career Nirvana

You may want to work with business coach Nicole Derr and her Career Nirvana program. You may remember Nicole from her presenting to our group, and you may remember that she holds an MS degree in technical communication management. Enjoy reading the following answers she provided to the questions asked.

Where is a good place to start to get more information about your Career Nirvana program? 

This flyer provides the basic information about the program:

Additional  FAQs are available on the sign-up sheet here:

What is the Career Nirvana program?  

If you’re like many people these days, you probably feel like your work responsibilities put you under a constant barrage of pressures – pressure to do more and more with less and less, pressure to conform to a system that does not align with your moral compass, and pressure to apply that same pressure you feel to others.

Career Nirvana is your “off ramp” from the unending highway to more and more work stress. It is a six-week mastermind program designed for people who are ready to make the shift to more meaningful, restorative, and valuable work, but feel “stuck” or otherwise unsure how to move forward.

Participants will be matched with a small cohort of people who, just like them, are ready to make a change in their work lives. They will work together throughout the program to help each other identify their purpose, how it best fits with their desired lifecycle and skills, and a step-by-step plan to shift to work that allows them to fulfill that purpose. Peace and happiness at work ARE attainable. Really!

By Jeanette Evans and Nicole Derr