Congratulate Julianne Forsythe

Let’s all wish Julianne the best as she retires from Rockwell Automation and remember that she once mentioned,

“I spend a lot of time on the thrill rides at Cedar Point. I once rode the Top Thrill Dragster seven times in one hour.”

Julianne has made a huge contribution to our community. She has been admirably updating our chapter home page and also served on our PR committee. In these roles, she sent out communications for our program meetings, networking lunches, and social events. Further, she was also responsible for our social media presence and often posted to Facebook, LinkedIn, and occasionally Twitter. Julianne urges people to be sure to follow OHIO STC on social media, and “add to the conversation.”

Kelly Graham (left), Bob Young (center), Julianne Forsythe (right)

Julianne was most recently an Information Architect at Rockwell Automation. In her 20 years at the company, she worked on a variety of projects including marketing communications, technical documentation, online help, catalog publishing, web content development, usability research, and content strategy.

As an Information Architect, she notes that she worked to “promote the findability, usability, and consistency of information across the technical deliverables that we create for our customers.”

Julianne was also an active member of the Cleveland chapter of the Professional Women’s Council (PWC), a Rockwell Automation Employee Resource Group. She explains, “PWC sponsors networking and educational events to help women within our company navigate their career and life paths.”

Julianne also shares that she has liked to unwind with her husband from mid-spring to late fall aboard their boat so let’s hope she continues having fun on her boat as she moves into this next adventure after her retirement from Rockwell. Let’s also hope she stays active in our community as well.

Oh, and, also wish her the best as she plans an upcoming trip to Europe and some time this winter in Florida. Oh, and also note that Rockwell celebrated the retirement of three people as shown in the picture with the Kelly Graham (left), Bob Young (center), and Julianne. All three also were very involved in Ohio STC work. Again, let’s wish them all the best.