Creating Systems of Compassion (Meeting Review)

Is the way we are working today not working? That is a question that Charlotte Chang (pictured at right) tackled on Jan. 26, 2023 during an impressive Women in Agile Cleveland meeting. “Creating Systems of Compassion with Charlotte Chang” provided great food for thought from a charismatic presenter.

“Look…the way we’re working isn’t working. At best, people act with chaotic complacency. At worst, they are punished for creative problem-solving and critical thinking. This results in burnout, anxiety, depression, apathy, helplessness, and hopelessness. In short, not for humans.”

That is part of Chang’s thinking.

Technology allows for creativity today. Innovation and creativity are important. Technology is ubiquitous. Companies are looking at how to meet the needs of these customers and employees. The need to control does not help in this context as it did during the Industrial Revolution. Instead of domination, we need compassion in today’s working world. These are just some of the ideas Chang expressed.

“The path forward? Together, we can nudge towards a System of Compassion – a system that focuses on humanizing people, empathetic leadership, and work that matters. Doing awesome work requires accepting and executing in a business landscape that’s in constant flux. Customers and employees are evolving, and businesses aren’t keeping up. This requires strong, empathetic leadership that re-humanizes people. Future leaders need to amplify humanity, provide optionality, calibrate talent, and round out people’s needs. Being this kind of leader starts with you – your needs, your opportunities, and your compassion.”

Reviewed by Jeanette Evans