In the Spotlight: Paulette Tiggs

Although Paulette Tiggs entered the information development field completely by accident, it feels like serendipity when she thinks about the career she has made. She entered her career as a temporary worker at a company in Columbus, Ohio after a person accidentally hit the Delete key and lost a significant amount of the department’s source files. She was half of a two-person recovery team that worked to restore as much of the lost content as possible.

The job happened to be in a technical writing department. The manager of the department was impressed with the work ethic she showed while working on the recovery project. Once the manager learned that Paulette had just earned her Journalism degree at The Ohio State University, she decided to offer her a fulltime position as a technical writer. At that time, Paulette wasn’t even sure what a technical writer did.

But she quickly found out. She discovered that using her journalism skills to interview subject matter experts and write clear and effective user assistance was a rewarding challenge. Although she had always imagined she would use her journalism skills to work at a magazine, she found technical writing to be a fulfilling detour.

Throughout her career, she pursued new challenges by learning new products and expanding her role to incorporate editing and architecture skills. She enhanced her career with graduate studies (Communication Studies and Public Sociology), which helped her to analyze her audiences on a deeper level. However, the challenge of leading projects was the most fulfilling, and she has been working in that role for the last few years.   

In her free time, she enjoys walking her dog, making homemade meals with her sister, and learning new languages using the Duolingo app.