In the Spotlight: Sara Buchanan

A huge thank you goes out to Sara Buchanan for her recent work in the 2020-2021 term as editor of Lines & Letters. She has contributed so much to our chapter as she balanced STC work with her responsibilities at Cincinnati-based London Computer Systems (LCS) where she is a Senior Instructional Content Analyst.

Her past work at LCS included the titles of Instructional Content Analyst, Technical Writer II, and Technical Writer when she created documentation for the property management software, Rent Manager, for internal and external consumption while driving the development of content resources. About her work experience, Sara states,

“I’ve worked at LCS for six years now. I’m currently a Senior Instructional Content Analyst which is a fancy title for managing content, implementing process improvements, and planning and overseeing team efforts. The first time I saw the job description for my current role, I knew it was the perfect job for me. The problem was that it was on a job board for a company in a different state. I printed out the job, took it to my director, and said, “I want to do this job here.” My director was so excited about the role and the fact that it was a good use of my skills, that he was able to formalize the new role in just a few months. Since then, I’ve been able to grow and develop the role in ways that make sense for me and our company initiatives.”

Sara says STC played an important part in her career growth. “My work with STC, and especially the Ohio chapter, has helped me understand the TC industry and find how I could leverage my skills to build a career that is meaningful to me.”

When not at work, Sara is an avid reader and enjoys cooking and doting on her cats: Buffy and Spike.

Let’s all thank Sara for her work with our chapter and contribution to the field.