Keeping Warm (President’s Column)

When the temperatures drop, I am always amazed at the ability of birds to stay warm. They have a number of strategies, including fluffing their features to create air pockets for additional insulation. They also pack on the pounds before winter to provide insulation and extra energy. One of the most interesting adaptations is their feet. Their feet are mostly tendons and bones with little muscle or nerve tissue. This means they have very little fluid in the cells, which prevents frostbite. In addition, their legs and feet are a mini countercurrent heat exchange system. The arteries and veins are close together, so the cold blood gets warmed up on the way back into their bodies.

They also huddle together for warmth.

Unfortunately, given the ongoing pandemic, Ohio STC can’t huddle just yet. But we have some exciting virtual programs coming up. “Mastering Zoom as a Host or Co-Host” is next week – be sure to register! Other programs will be added to the Upcoming Events page when we confirm the dates with the speakers. We will keep you posted.

Stay warm!