Newsletter Archive Reminder

Here is a reminder that our newsletter archive recently improved thanks to the work of Kim Lindsey. We all owe her a big thank you. At the site you will see instructions on how to find an issue of the newsletter prior to September, 2014. Here from the site are snippets with directions.
Newsletter Archive

Lines & Letters has been around for quite a long time!

If you’re looking for issues of our newsletter prior to September, 2014, this is the place to look. Here you will find full-text searchable PDFs of L&L issues going back through the 2000-2001 chapter year.

UPDATE! As of January, 2017, all archived issues of Lines & Letters (all online issues the are not on the current chapter  website ) have been converted to PDF format and are linked from this page. Before the end of this chapter year (June, 2017) the previous archived issues will be backed up and then deleted entirely.

If you have linked your online portfolio, LInedIn profile, personal professional website, or other resources to articles you wrote that are housed on the old L&L archives you need to update those links.

Here is a reminder of where to find the archive.