Ohio-Based Radcom Celebrates 25 Years

Angie Dianetti

Bob Dianetti and I incorporated Radcom in October 1996. During most of its first year, Bob ran the business full time. We had two clients and Bob was the only employee.  He did most of the work at the clients’ location. By the fall of 1997, we were growing. We hired our first employee and I also joined the business full time. The two of us took over the client work and Bob became responsible for all sales and accounting functions. Within a short time, we rented office space and hired several more employees.

As we continued to grow, we hired more employees and moved into a larger office space. Over the years, we have seen many ups and downs. The ups included five Weatherhead100 and three Cascade Capital growth awards—the growth leading to larger staffs and larger offices. The downs included the dot com bubble burst, offshoring, 9/11, reshoring, the great recession and now COVID-19. Downturns lead to downsizing offices and staff. Each time we would hunker down and reinvent ourselves.

We started off doing strictly technical writing—mostly ISO 9000 procedures, software documentation and help files. We added training and eLearning and changed industry focus from software and manufacturing to financial services and then back to manufacturing again. We have worked for more than 140 companies and employed over 170 people.

This resilience and commitment are why we have accomplished what only a small handful of startups ever have. As we work through this current crisis, we are reinventing ourselves again as a Performance Improvement company. This takes everything we’ve ever been and transforms it into everything we will become. We’ve come to realize that documentation and training are tools that help improve employee performance, but they aren’t the only ones. Many performance issues are not a result of lack of skill and knowledge. By looking at the real issue of why people aren’t doing a job as prescribed, we are able to suggest better interventions, including more targeted documentation and training when those are the right solutions.

Moving forward, Radcom is preparing for the next 25 years. Ginny and Therese came on as owners this year, bringing some fresh thinking. We are currently working on our succession planning to continue our path forward for many years to come.

By Angie Dianetti