Our Book Discussion Social (Part One)

About a dozen people met via Zoom for the book discussion social hosted by Angie Dianetti on December 16, 2021. The meeting did not disappoint. Enjoy what Kim Lindsey had to say.
“This Book Review Networking Lunch was a microcosm of all the best things about our STC chapter! Everyone had such diverse suggestions for books, games, hobbies, and more! I love the positivity and passion of our group – still going strong after all these years. 🙂  “
As Kim mentions, in addition to discussing work-related books such as Map It (two people mentioned how they like this book), we talked about recreational reading (including historical fiction and fantasy) plus puzzles and board games. The discussion also turned to what is technical communication and several people mentioned their take on this topic. Here is some information about Map It from the author’s blog.
“Using humor and lots of examples, Map It walks you through action mapping, a visual approach to needs analysis and training design. Organizations around the world use action mapping to improve performance with targeted, efficient training.”
Map It helps you turn training requests into projects that make a real difference.
You’ll learn how to:
  • Help the client identify what’s really causing the performance problem.
  • Determine the role (if any!) of training.
  • Create realistic activities that help people practice what they need to do, not just show what they know.
  • Choose the best format for each activity — online, completed as a group, on paper, over email…
  • Provide each activity at the best time — in the workflow, available on demand, spaced over time…
  • Let people pull the information they need to complete the activity — no more information dumps!
  • Enjoy creating challenging activities that people want to complete.
Please note that Part Two of this post will provide more details about the discussion.
By Jeanette Evans