President’s Column (March, 2023)

As a Technical Communicator, it seems as though I’m always searching for information and then searching for better ways to communicate that information to readers. I suppose that it’s just the basics of our profession. But this search extends to our personal lives as well. Who hasn’t looked for guidance on how to complete a task or if there’s a review about a product or service that you’re interested in? I’d like to share a couple of great STC topics that I’ve recently discovered.

Did you know that STC is looking for student volunteers for the STC Summit in May? Selected students would receive free conference registration in Atlanta!

Having student volunteers is a win-win for students and for STC. Student volunteers can attend the Summit, learn aspects of technical communication beyond their college classrooms, and build their professional networks. STC receives support during the Summit for sessions from volunteers, which improves the experience for both speakers and attendees.

Are you a student or do you know of a student that would be interested? Please use or share this link: Students Sign Up Here.

Another great find in my search is that the STC Nominating Committee has announced the final slate of candidates for the 2023 STC election. The Committee received many nominations this year from members despite a challenging year, and one in which many nominees found it difficult to accept the opportunity due to a number of professional and personal factors. However, throughout this vetted process, and from the applications received, a strong core of candidates was interviewed and put forth for consideration for the upcoming STC Elections.

Check out the slate of candidates here: The 2023 STC election is scheduled for early to mid-March. Don’t forget to vote!

Finally, I’ve been busily searching for educational programs that will (hopefully!) be of interest to our chapter members. There are so many ideas that I’ve discovered from other STC chapters around the globe. I’m working to bring these ideas to you – please be on the lookout for upcoming programs!

By Lisa Adair