President’s Column (May, 2024)

It’s kind of hard for me to believe that this will be my last President’s Column. My tenure as Ohio STC’s president is just about over.  

Ohio STC has had a great 2023-2024 year. As part of last year’s president, Lisa Adair’s, leadership, Ohio STC was able to earn the Platinum Community Achievement Award for community activities in 2023. The platinum level is the highest a chapter can achieve. Our certificate reads:  

For excellence in the areas of Membership and Innovation.   

Several small changes helped us to achieve this award. We posted our events more on social media. Our themed network lunches drew more participants. We advertised our events on a more regular basis. We worked with the membership chair to make sure that all our members were appearing correctly on our chapter’s membership list.  

We also continued to do what the chapter has always done well in the past. We continued to publish our Lines & Letters newsletter on a regular cadence. We hosted events on a regular basis. We continue to meet all our treasurer and secretarial duties and kept our website up to date.   

The combination of all these activities added up big for the Ohio STC Chapter.  

We’re still going strong for the 2024 year. And we’re still planning how to move forward just as strong for the upcoming year. We have the elections and awards event next month, and the change of guard starting in July.   

It’s been an eventful year. We’re working hard to serve our community well and we hope you continue to come along for the ride.  

By Paulette Tiggs