President’s Column (Nov., 2023)

It’s been a busy fall for Ohio STC with the programs and networking lunches that we hosted or helped advertise for other chapters. We try to offer a variety of topics that will interest our members in the different stages of their careers.

In September, we helped to advertise the STC Rochester annual Spectrum conference that featured Tech Comm stories.

In October, we helped advertise Executive Storytelling. Executive storytelling is a way to sell our ideas and complex concepts at the same time we practice communicating well and building relationships. In October, we also helped the STC P&P SIG recognize Cybersecurity Awareness Month with a webinar on how to become a cybersecurity professional.

In November, the Ohio STC presented a mini webinar on how to use Slack effectively for chapter messaging.

Even our networking lunches will have a theme to entice others to call in and join the conversation. In September, we invited people to generate ideas and suggestion on interesting topics we could present throughout the year. In October, we welcomed people to discuss the path they took to becoming a technical writer. We learned that all the attendees took different path to enter the technical writing field, which highlighted how versified our profession is. In November, we plan to offer some fun by having a game night.

The reason I’m summarizing these events is because I think it’s important to remind people about the benefits that STC offers its members. Not only does STC offer career advancement events, but it also offers networking events that often lead to life-long friendships and rich professional resources.

Volunteering for a role in STC can provide even more benefits. You can grow your leadership, organizational, and presentation skills that you might not currently use in your job but that can help you advance in your job.

There are currently volunteer opportunities in Ohio STC. If you’re interested in playing a role, we can probably accommodate that interest. Involvement offers limitless benefits, and we encourage you to reach out to optimize and enrich your career.

Paulette Tiggs