Review: How to Spot an Extroverted Technical Writer and Other Mythological Creatures

I was immediately drawn to this February Intercom article because of the fancy title and beautiful unicorn. Stephanie Whitlow writes about her experience as a “unicorn” in Tech Comm and how she found the balance to be herself in a predominately introverted field. As she points out, extroverts do have a place in Tech Comm with their strengths of engaging people through interviews with SMEs or presentations. An extrovert’s strengths lie in an introvert’s weaknesses making them better together; balancing each other out in the workplace.

As the typical introverted “horse” in an organization of mostly extroverts, I find myself trying to reach a balance with the “unicorns” around me. I don’t want to put a barrier between my coworkers and me simply because they’ve invaded my space, tried to include me in small talk, or some other “crime” against my introverted nature. For some of my closest coworkers, I try to engage in lunch dates that allow them to talk and not interrupt the quiet contemplation I need at work. I want to build relationships with my coworkers that doesn’t strain my performance at work.

Whitlow shares some of her tricks, such as scheduling meetings and providing agendas. She has learned that her coworkers can engage her if they have ample time to prepare their own thoughts. Both parties can achieve their needs with a little forethought. Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, there is a place for you in Tech Comm if you can find a balance between your needs and any coworker’s needs.

By Sara Buchanan