STC Alliance Competition

Did you or your company produce great technical instruction, information, user support, or promotional content for the web or mobile devices in the past year or two? You could be the next winner of the STC Alliance Competition!

The STC Alliance is comprised of the Atlanta, New England, New York, Rochester, South-Central Texas, and Washington D.C.–Baltimore chapters. Together, they’re offering you a chance to submit content that you’re especially proud of, or content that you’re not quite happy with and want the advice/counsel of experienced judges.

Winners will receive their award letters and award certificates by mail from the STC Alliance Competition Committee.

Winners of the STC Alliance Competition are entitled to display the appropriate competition award badge to promote their award in resumes, press releases, company publications, and on websites, or copies of the winning piece.

Here are the details from the 2020-2021 competition.

Maybe you’re interested in being a judge? Each year they train new judges and retrain together. Check out what it takes and how to participate.