Value from Summit is “Tremendous”

Enjoy reading the answers provided by Angie Dianetti concerning Summit. 

What was your favorite part of Summit?

I had not been to an STC Conference since receiving my Associate Fellow in 2010. The conference is very different, but just as impactful. I enjoyed hanging out with several of our Ohio STC leaders, including Lisa Scovern, Jason Vensel and Tricia Spayer. To me the highlight is connecting and reconnecting with members that I either hadn’t seen in years or have only met online. I loved the Dine Arounds. There is nothing better than sharing a meal with friends, both old and new.

What was your biggest take-away?

I attended mostly sessions on AI. I was impressed with how positive everyone is on the topic. Although there was some initial apprehension that Generative AI would take away technical writer jobs, the gist of the conference is that it is a tool that will help us all do our jobs, that we are uniquely positioned to develop prompts that will generate good content, and that prompts themselves are content to be managed.

What presentation(s) did you make? (if applicable) 

I attended mostly AI presentations. One thing that I loved was the posters. In the past these were mostly produced by students. This year any professional could enter a poster. It was a great way to present information and learn something between sessions.

I also attended the CAC sessions where I got to know the leadership from other communities. I’ve been working with several of them since the Summit. You’ll see more on that in the Presidents column.

Where was the Summit and how did this Summit compare to others you attended?

It was nice having the Summit hotel attached to the Mall of the Americas. There were plenty of places to meet up with people and to take a break from sessions. The downside was not going outside for several days. We solved this with a trip to the Zoo on Sunday. See Monty’s post for pictures.

What other comments about Summit would you share with our readers?  

I was a little surprised by the small number of vendors, but it did make it easy to talk to all of them. I loved everything about the Summit and would highly recommend it. The value received for the cost is tremendous.