“Terrific Engagement” Was Part of Summit

Enjoy reading the answers Tricia Spayer provided to the questions asked about Summit.

What was your favorite part of Summit?

Being with “my tribe.” I’ve belonged to a number of organizations, but I still feel that STC members are people who get me the most, and who energize me and make me feel the most comfortable.

I got to hang out with Angie Dianetti, our Ohio STC incoming President for 2024-2025. It was great just relaxing, sharing stories, and skipping a session to go shopping. You don’t get those kinds of connections in Zoom.

I kept smiling the whole Summit. Someone mentioned that towards the end of Summit. I simply said “I’m happy to be here.” It was true.

How did this Summit compare to others you have attended?

This one flew by, and I was away from home for five days, as compared to three or four in the past. Seemed the schedule was jam-packed, and so much to do in so little time.

The sessions were scheduled really close together, which meant that you had time to hit the restroom and go to your next session instead of wandering the hallways trying to kill time.

In addition, the Summit hotel was attached to the Mall of America. So we had easy access to dining, shopping, amusement park rides, and anything else you could think of, without needing to find a ride to get there. It was so easy to get a group together to meet up somewhere. I loved the fact that I could do everything in a safe walking space, without needing to find a ride.

In past years, I remember needing to find my own lunch, and sitting by myself in my room to decompress between morning and afternoon. This year, breakfast and lunches and heavy appetizers for dinner were included in the Summit registration price. I didn’t have to worry about finding food nor wasting time doing so.

The honors sessions were broken into two segments: the academic and publications honors were presented during lunch, and the Fellows/ Associate Fellows and Society awards were presented at dinner. This meant that the honors ceremonies were shorter, and those who were not interested could do something else.

What was your biggest take-away from Summit?

There was a LOT of talk about AI this year. I think every slot had some kind of AI-focused session. I even built in a little AI generated activity in my Great Graphics session.

My presentation was lots of fun. It was on Sunday morning, and was a two-hour “Intensive” session about Graphics. Since it was the last session of Summit, and I figured most people would be glazed over with information by then, I kept it simple and light. I had terrific engagement with the audience. We created AI graphics together, had lots of laughs, and had insight into good design vs. not-so-good.

What else about Summit can you share?

During the year, we can become frustrated, contented, maybe even bored or feel devalued.

Gathering at the Summit recharges my energy, makes me feel valued, and boosts my excitement for the future.

It is most worthwhile, especially if you are involved in a committee, are being honored, are speaking, or serving as an officer. The more you are involved in STC, the more exponential benefits you receive, and the greater your confidence soars.