Volunteer Opportunities

Make a vital contribution to STC and our Ohio STC chapter! You can help the chapter continue to achieve its award-winning service to its membership and community. In addition, there are many benefits to being a chapter volunteer, such as:

  • Develop new skills
  • Receive mentoring from STC leaders
  • Advance your career: Add assets, experience, and credentials to your resume
  • Perform a vital role and help shape the chapter
  • Get an inside view of how the chapter and STC actually function
  • Gain experience for STC International leadership roles
  • Build confidence: Practice your leadership skills in a low-risk volunteer environment
  • Earn recognition: professional validation, accolades to post on your LinkedIn profile, and awards
  • Have fun! Build your network through one-on-one interactions with chapter members

For information about our volunteer opportunities, check out the available leadership and volunteer opportunities, or send an email to president@neostc.org.